İzmir Fen Lisesi Bilgisayar Laboratuvarı kurulum betiği
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Izmir Science High School - Computer Lab Setup Script

İzmir Fen Lisesi Bilgisayar Laboratuvarı Kurulum Betiği Install prerequisites, applications, tools; set up configs etc.

This is an Mirror, see original upstream in Forgejo

Download & Install

wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/asandikci/iflbot-setup/main/install.sh | bash <(cat) </dev/tty


  • Auto MEB Certificate Installation
  • Install Prerequisites for Building C/C++ Code: gcc, g++, build-essential
  • Install Apps: VSCodium, Sublime Text, Xournal++
  • Ready to Use C/C++ Sublime Build Files for both file/terminal execution
  • Dark Theme
  • Panel Settings: 28px
  • Auto Login to user account
  • Screen Auto Dimming: 1H, Screen Auto Off: 2H


  • Pardus 23.0 XFCE


  • GNU GPLv3+


  • Add Apps to Panel: VSCodium, SublimeText, Firefox, File Explorer
    • Also Favorite
  • Default file assocation for Sublime text with .c, .cpp
  • Disable annoying bell sound (in each restart)
  • Firefox
    • Firefox Change MainPage
    • Firefox Change Search Engine
    • Firefox Auto Import Certificate
    • Firefox Alt+Tab Last Viewed
  • Dark Theme Problems? Refresh?

  • Sublime Extra Configurations
  • VSCodium Auto Configurations
  • XFCE General Configurations
    • Auto Sleep 2H
    • Auto Dimming 2H
  • Disable root login

  • Create Settings file (json?) for easy editing configs, apps etc. manually

  • Sync Settings with GitHub/Website URL

  • ISSUE: mix 2 config file and resolve sudo issue

  • End-of-life after LabManage application ready-to-use (WIP/private for now)